Arguably, there cannot be a more tedious task for a microbiologist than counting colonies. The New Protocol 3 HD from Synbiosis, with the introduction of a new high-definition camera and a user-friendly interface, automates colony counting with colour as if by magic.

The ProtoCOL 3 HD is the newest addition to the Synbiosis range of colony counters:

What makes the ProtoCOL 3 HD a magical tool for microbiologists?

  • Immaculate design for high throughput - The small footprint size of the ProtoCol 3 HD makes it ideal for any bench top while at the same time allowing 300 – 1200 plate counts per day.
  • Easy to use professional software - Personalise the protocol to run your assay
  • Precision - With three LED lighting platforms cycling between Red, Green and Blue, detecting colonies of different colours on a background becomes easy. It also allows you to specifically target colonies of certain colours.
  • High Definition -The 5 Megapixel camera will take three images in Red, Green and Blue, and overlay them in order to give you a 15 Megapixel image to work from.
  • Adaptability – From 40mm to 150mm plates, as well as Petrifilm, the ProtoCol 3 HD will count them all. The counting software that comes standard with the ProtoCol 3 HD can even accept an external camera and be used to count samples from microscope slides.
  • Traceability – With CFR21 Part11 compliance and LIMS capabilities, the ProtoCol 3 HD is aimed at giving you reputable results in the food and pharmaceutical industries.  It provides accountability to the highest level of industry-standard log-keeping and traceability.

Who is this instrument designed for?

  • Food Laboratories – Counting of Coliforms, settle plates and water samples
  • Drug Industry – Zones of clearing on Antibiotic resistance, susceptibility studies, vaccine potency and RODAC is possible with the ProtoCol 3 HD
  • Water Laboratories – The ProtoCol 3 HD will remove the grid lines on filter paper, making filtered water samples easy to count.
  • Breweries – Report on counts of BACs in CFU, settle plates in breweries and count live yeast colonies on plates
  • Research – An automated colony counter is paramount to microbiology work

The uniquely innovative ProtoCOL 3 HD combines tri-coloured photos, accurate professional software and traceability in a market-leading automated colony counter.

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- Charl Marais, Application Specialist - Molecular Biology