Services and Support

Services and Support
Boasting a large team of qualified engineers, located throughout South Africa and traveling weekly into the rest of Africa, Lasec® ensures a full-service package, including preventative maintenance, repairs, and service level agreements. Years of worry-free use of laboratory and scientific equipment in your facility is a possibility using the Lasec® expertise.

Biological Safety Expertise

Boasting three NSF 49, Class II Biosafety Cabinet Field Certifier-accredited service engineers, we place great emphasis on the importance of regular servicing and validation of biological safety cabinets in the field by appropriately qualified personnel. When biological safety is your top priority, we can provide confidence that your biosafety cabinets are working correctly to protect you from potentially harmful pathogens.

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Through our large team of application specialists and product managers, we provide expert advice, support, and technical know-how as part of our comprehensive laboratory services. Training programmes include end-user training on the correct use and maintenance of equipment and assistance with good lab practice (GLP) and standard operating procedures. We also facilitate informative and practical continuing professional development (CPD) accredited training courses on relevant topics for our industry.

Take your first step towards mastering the skills you need to succeed in our industry. Get expert training and support today.

SANAS Accredited Calibrations

We are ISO 17025 accredited to offer SANAS calibrations for mass, volume, and temperature. In a practical sense, this means we can assist with mass calibration on a broad range of weighing equipment, from micro balances to scales up to 30 kg, volume calibrations on all micropipettes, including multichannel pipettes, and temperature calibration of freezers, fridges, autoclaves, water baths, incubators, furnaces, and ovens.

Get accurate calibrations for mass, volume, and temperature with Lasec®.


As part of our comprehensive laboratory services, we can meet your need for unexpected or urgent repairs at your facility or in one of our well-equipped service centres. We have a strict policy of only using spare parts from the original manufacturer for all repairs.

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Service Contracts

Ensure optimal equipment performance according to the manufacturer's specifications, significantly reduce downtime, and avoid costly repairs with tailor-made maintenance and service plans facilitated by highly qualified Lasec® service engineers.

Schedule your tailor-made maintenance plan with us and make sure your laboratory runs smoothly.

Preventative Maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance of your laboratory and scientific equipment can prolong the correct functioning of equipment and ensure the precision, reproducibility, and reliability of your processes and results.

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IQ/OQ/PQ Protocol Completion

We have an in-depth understanding of the pharmaceutical industry regarding installation or initial qualification (IQ), operational qualification (OQ), and performance qualification (PQ). We assist with protocol completion and work closely with regulatory teams and validation officers to ensure full compliance with international and company-specific requirements.

Discover how we can help ensure your production equipment is correctly installed, operates according to requirements, and performs safely.