Human Sample Collection Kits

Human Sample Collection Kits

Human sample collection and preservation kits for various sample types (blood, saliva, stool, urine, or other bodily fluids), customisable to facilitate downstream testing.

Custom specimen collection solutions that include essential renewables for blood sample collection using the dry blood spot (DBS-card) technique. Our DBS collection kit comes in single use or bulk bundles and includes everything you need to collect, store, and transport dried blood spots.

Our HPV Sample Collection Kits are designed specifically to assist medical professionals in accurately and conveniently collecting cervical cancer and HPV samples. These kits come in convenient, single-use packaging for safe and hygienic use, ensuring reliable and accurate results every time.

Personnel protection consumable bundle kits provide comprehensive personnel protection with all the necessary equipment to ensure the safety of individuals working in high-risk environments. These bundles are ideal for healthcare workers, laboratory personnel, and individuals working in other hazardous environments.

Sample collection consumables are specifically designed for the gathering and preservation of physical evidence in cases of alleged sexual assault. These kits are crucial tools for healthcare professionals, forensic experts, and law enforcement personnel to collect and preserve biological samples in a safe and secure manner.

Our laboratory consumable bundles, which include all of the products needed to streamline the sample collection process, have made complex sample preparation even easier. These bundles will boost your lab's productivity while saving you time and money.

Customized private label kits, configured and designed in collaboration with the customer, offer a unique and 100% customizable experience for home sampling kits. These kits come in premium packaging, making them visually appealing and suitable for retail environments. They provide convenience, personalization, and high-quality sampling solutions.

These evidence collection kits are used to collect DNA samples, fingerprints, and bloodstain patterns for analysis to streamline your forensic workflow and ensure that evidence will be adequately collected and stored securely.