Freeze Dryers

Freeze Dryers

Specialized equipment used in laboratories for the process of freeze-drying or lyophilization, removing moisture from a substance.

Laboratory Freeze Dryer Solutions

Discover the latest and most efficient freeze dryers from Coolvacuum.

Freeze drying, also known as lyophilisation, is pivotal in preserving biological substances, pharmaceuticals, and food products. This gentle drying technique uses sublimation to remove moisture from products. With Coolvacuum, you'll experience unparalleled precision, efficiency, and reliability in the freeze-drying process. We provide an extensive selection of Coolvacuum laboratory and pilot freeze dryers, tailored to ensure the best freeze-drying results for each specific application. Explore Coolvacuum's varied offerings by watching these video overviews and find the model that best fits your laboratory needs.

Key Features

Advanced functionalities ensure optimal performance and user-friendliness.

Ice condenser in AISI 316L stainless steel
with internal coil.
Detachable product temperature probe.
Air-cooled refrigerating compressor
(air-cooling free from HCFC).
Automatic defrost cycle of ice condenser
by hot gas.
Three user levels protected with passwords.
Programming of automatic cycle recipes.
Interactive graphs for vacuum and
temperature control.
USB connector for data export and
graphs generating.
LAN Ethernet output for remote monitoring and control via a PC or App.
External vacuum pump supplied with gas ballast for removing water vapours and other condensable vapours from the oil.
Exhaust gases filter and check valve for the vacuum pump.

Product Range

From compact designs for small-scale laboratories to industrial-grade units, explore a variety of freeze-dryer options fit for every need.

Coolvacuum’s Infinity Technology™, available exclusively with the TriEpic model as an optional feature, allows for maintaining infinite freeze-drying cycles by alternating two condensers automatically when they reach their maximum capacity. While one condenser is in use, the other one can be drained to avoid downtime.




LyoLab and LyoLab+

Ice condenser temperature-55 ºC-85 ºC-55 ºC-85 ºC-55 ºC-85 ºC
Overall dimensions
(W x D x H)
420 x 630 x 380 mm740 x 600 x 380 mm540 x 630 x 970 mm1,840 x 630 x 970 mm
Ice condenser capacity7 kg18 kg30 kg
Electrically heated shelvesOptional
Vacuum pump flow6 m3/h12 m3/h36 m3/h
Weight65 kg85 kg95 kg120 kg140 kg150 kg
Ice condenser
capacity / 24h
5 kg8 kg16 kg

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