Better diagnostics begin with better samples. And getting better samples means using proper sample collection methods. Improve your collection methods by choosing the patented innovation that has revolutionised collection and transfer of biological samples, the Copan FLOQswabs®.

Copan flocked swab

The original and still the best, these flocked swabs are recognised as the gold standard among the imitators. Below are just some of the reasons you should switch your lab to Copan FLOQswabs®, available from Lasec®.

  • The lack of an absorbent core allows the entire sample to stay close to the surface, for fast and complete elution.
    Traditional wrapped fibre swabs require a technologist to carefully manipulate the swab within media to ensure adequate sample elution for assay sensitivity. With FLOQswab®, up to 95% of the sample is mixed with assay reagents or released into buffer solution or transport medium immediately.
  • The perpendicular nylon fibres create a soft brush, increasing collection of cell samples.
    Brush-like texture rapidly and efficiently dislodges cells and collects them between the fibres.
  • Capillary action between the strands facilitates strong hydraulic uptake of liquid sample.
    The close, perpendicular strands allow for easy sample penetration into the swab.
  • Reliable, reproducible and repeatable results due to the standardised absorption and release.
    The sample collected from a patient is measurable and consistent.
  • Multiple applications.
    Rapid antigen testing and fluorescent antibody assays; ELISA; PCR and other molecular based assays; cytology testing; bacteriology and virology cultures.
  • Moulded breakpoints available at various lengths.
    30mm, 80mm and 100mm break points on the swab stick allow for use in different size tubes.
  • Anatomically shaped tip to optimise the efficiency of the target analyte collection, improves patient comfort.
    The tip shape is moulded prior to the application of the perpendicular nylon fibres, carefully designed to fit the human anatomy, increasing patient comfort.

Do you need optimised elution properties from your sample collection system? Would you prefer your patients to be more comfortable with an anatomically correct swab during sample collection? Look no further! It's time to add the Copan FLOQswabs® from Lasec to your sample collection and preservation workflow today.  

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Let us know how the Copan FLOQswab® has improved sample collection for you!

- Megan Cunnama, Product Manager - Consumables