Poor quality packaging can seriously compromise the quality of the product inside. If Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles are your packaging of choice, there are several reliable test methods available for proper packaging QC.

The following three tests are considered the most critical in determining the quality of your PET plastic bottle packaging and Lasec® has solutions:

  1. Torque Testing:
    A common test parameter for plastic bottles is the rotational force necessary to remove or unscrew a cap, known as torque. If a bottle-cap is too difficult to open, it can frustrate customers. On the other hand, if the cap is too loose, the seal could be compromised, potentially exposing and spoiling your product.
    Solution: The AT2E model TMV7 Torque-tester is small, easy to use, and suitably rugged. With its optional Qualitorque software it allows easy data collection, storage and analysis.
  2. Seal Leak Test:
    A bottle cap's purpose is to maintain the freshness of the product inside. By testing the seal of the cap, the relative seal strength can be determined, and on-line production problems can be avoided. If the seal is easily ruptured, chances are the product will not fare well during transportation or long-term storage. Any leaks could expose the product to oxygen thereby spoiling the contents.
    Solution: The AT2E model SSA-D Secure Seal Analyzer tests the strength of a bottle cap's seal within a safe enclosure, protecting the operator from any bursts. The needle piercing the plastic cap is held securely in place through a vacuum, while the unit simultaneously pressurises the interior of the bottle. The level at which leakage occurs is automatically recorded and stored for evaluation.
  3. Weighing “blown” bottle sections:
    When a PET preform is blown into a complete bottle it is important to check that the various sections fall within the desired weight range. If the weight of any section is out of the allowable range, it can indicate a flaw in the bottle-blowing process. Bottles that are inconsistent could potentially compromise the quality of the product inside.
    Solution: The AT2E model HWBC-2 Hot Wire Bottle Cutter allows for safe section weight-analysis of PET bottles. The four hot wires can be spaced as required to produce five sections for weighing and further analysis. Safety is a priority therefore the unit features a unique safety cover to prevent hands from coming into contact with the hot wires, and an exhaust fan to direct plastic fumes away from the operator.

With over 20 different products specially designed for quality testing of PET bottles, as well as a larger range of package testing equipment available from French manufacturer AT2E, Lasec® is well equipped to supply and service your packaging QC products.

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- Barbara-lee Nel, Product Manager - Instruments