With over 3 440 cited peer-reviewed journal articles and counting… Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR) is proving itself to be the next breakthrough technology in ultrasensitive and absolute nucleic acid quantification.

Access to this breakthrough technology is not out of your reach – 3 ways Lasec® can help you move into the future of PCR


Educate yourself on Droplet Digital PCR

To start with, below is a very basic summary of the benefits and applications of Droplet Digital PCR.

Benefits of Droplet Digital PCR

  • Absolute Quantification – Provides an absolute count of target DNA copies without the need for standard curves
  • Highest Precision and Sensitivity – Enriched template concentration in target-positive droplets allows higher precision and sensitivity than Real-Time PCR
  • High Throughput – 96 sample throughput does not require multiple dilution steps
  • Removal of PCR efficiency Bias – error rates are reduced by removing reliance on amplification efficiency of qPCR

Applications of Droplet Digital PCR

  • Copy Number Variation – Accurate quantification in single wells
  • Detection of rare sequences in Cancer and Disease
  • Pathogen detection and Microbiome analysis – organ transplants, soil and food
  • Next Generation Sequencing – Accurate quantification of NGS libraries
  • Gene Expression Analysis – Detection of rare mRNAs and miRNAs with rapid turnover
  • Single-Cell Analysis – High Sensitivity makes it a robust tool for Single-Cell Analysis


Let us show you how it works

Our field application specialists are ready to give an interactive live demonstration on a Bio-Rad® Droplet Digital PCR system (QX200) along with a seminar on the breakthrough water-emulsion droplet technology the system uses to achieve ultrasensitive and absolute nucleic quantification. Take a system tour.


We can connect you with available ddPCR platforms.

There are existing ddPCR platforms available for use in South Africa and it would be our pleasure to promote collaboration by connecting you with the institutions tasked with maximising their use for ground-breaking research.

Embrace Droplet Digital PCR as the future of PCR – we will educate, demonstrate and collaborate with you.

Can we help you to get started on your journey with this new technology? Talk to us.

- Megan Kotzee, Biotechnology Division Manager