In June 2013, Gilson discontinued production of its PIPETMAN® ULTRA® pipettes in favour of the more robust PIPETMAN® L and PIPETMAN® M models. Now, six years later, Lasec® is offering PIPETMAN® ULTRA® users one last chance to have their pipettes serviced or repaired at a great discount with the remaining spare parts we have available in our stores.

Spare parts stock for discontinued ULTRA® pipettes are limited. What are your options?

You can take either route:

  1. Assessment and quotation
    Send your ULTRA® pipette in for an assessment and quotation on replacement spare parts* required to get it into top condition. *subject to availability
  2. Trade-in
    Following the assessment and quotation or on the advice that spare parts required are not available from our stock, Lasec® can supply you with a quotation with trade-in discount on a new PIPETMAN® L or PIPETMAN® M to meet your workflow requirements.

Lasec® is SANAS-accredited for volume calibrations to ISO-17025. With a team of service engineers and certified volume metrologists, we are committed to keeping your pipettes in top condition for accurate, reproducible results.

Have you tried using Lasec® for your pipette servicing and calibrations? Call us to talk about your experience.

- Cameron Hutchinson, Product Manager - Instruments