Petri dishes are amongst the most important consumables in your microbiology workflow. As the South African based distributor of the Greiner Bio-One BioScience product portfolio, Lasec brings Greiner’s brand integrity to your laboratory.

Manufactured from highly transparent polystyrene with brilliant optical clarity for microscopy, Greiner culture dishes are heat-resistant up to 60 °C and are supplied in a range of shapes and sizes enabling you to choose a plate to suit your application:

  • All Greiner Petri dishes have ridges providing stability when stacked during storage. They are supplied in sterile or non-sterile versions and vented or non-vented. Vented Petri dishes allow for improved gaseous exchange during incubation while non-vented dishes support longer incubation periods.


  • Square shaped CELLSTAR™ OneWell Plate™ dishes are vented and have a 95cm2 surface area for upscaling your culture. These plates are manufactured in the SBS format, rendering them suitable for use on various automated liquid handling systems. TC and sterile versions available.
            • The CELLSTAR™ FourWell Plate™ is a subdivided SBS/ANSI compliant vessel for microscopic applications. This special plate can facilitate four parallel experiments on slides. Cultivated tissue cells can be bathed in fresh media followed immediately by microscopic examination. Slides can thereafter be fixed, stained and analysed for immunocytology or immunohistochemistry.
  • Contact plates are 65mm in diameter and are designed for use in hygiene monitoring and microorganism detection. They can also be used to test the effectiveness of disinfection of work surfaces in production lines. They are sterile with 10mm grids for rapid, simple analysis.Greiner-graduated-germ-count-dish
  • Early identification and quantification are extremely important in order to detect contamination in production lines in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. Graduated germ count dishes are 94mm in diameter and are specifically designed for this purpose.
  • Compartmentalized Petri dishes are available 94mm in diameter, are vented and are easily stackable. These dishes are useful for simultaneous experimentation using two or three different media or samples in a single dish.
In the Greiner BioScience range, you will find a wide variety of superior products geared towards specific applications including bacteriology and analysis of cell and tissue culture. Their products can be used at universities and research institutes, as well as in diagnostics, pharmaceutical and also biotechnology industries.

Tell us which of these first-class bioscience products can help you in your laboratory.

- Rosalind Witte, Product Manager - Consumables