Let your vacuum pump keep an eye on your samples

Every scientist undertaking a rotary evaporation process on their samples knows you can’t leave a rotary evaporator and pump unattended.  This means the task can become tedious, because traditionally the vacuum on your pump must be monitored and adjusted manually as the chemical composition changes. 

Have you ever turned away and lost sample due to bumping and foaming?

Now a hands-free rotary evaporation process is a reality with Vacuubrand’s Vario® chemistry diaphragm pump technology.  Use of a pump boasting this technology and the associated automatic evaporation mode will not only leave you with more time to focus on other tasks, but will also provide optimal sample protection.

Here are FIVE reasons why Vario® chemistry diaphragm pump technology is the best solution for use with your rotary evaporator:

  1. The Vario® vacuum controller provides fully automatic evaporation without the need for programming. The process starts with a push of a button.
  2. It detects each boiling point and continuously adapts the vacuum for hands-free operation, unlike some competitor pumping units, which detect the first boiling point and hold the vacuum at that level.
  3. The speed of the pump is adjusted automatically to the vacuum requirements of the process. This not only reduces the power consumption and energy costs by up to 90%, but also lowers the rotor speeds which significantly extends service intervals.
  4. It eliminates continuous oversight of the evaporation process and manual readjustment, allowing you to focus on other research work. 
  5. The Vario® vacuum controller avoids sample loss by eliminating bumping and foaming and protects the laboratory environment by capturing nearly 100% of waste solvent vapours.

If you would like to optimise your laboratory vacuum processes, then Vario® Technology is the perfect solution.

Visit the Lasec stand at analytica Lab Africa to view the flagship chemistry pumping unit PC 3001 Vario® Select model which will be on display. The Vacuubrand Specialist will be on hand to answer any vacuum pump related questions you may have.

- Carla Jacobs, Product Manager - Instruments