How confident are you that your biosafety cabinet is working correctly to protect you from potentially harmful pathogens?  Peace of mind is possible if you are confident the biosafety cabinet field certifier you use to validate your cabinets is on top of their game.

Lasec® boasts three biosafety service engineers accredited with NSF 49, Class II Biosafety Cabinet Field Certifier Accreditation

What is NSF 49 accreditation?
NSF 49 accreditation is the premier global accreditation to validate Class II biosafety cabinets in hospitals, laboratories and research facilities.  
How does this set Lasec® apart?
Only twelve engineers on the African continent meet this level of certification, with Lasec ® Group currently employing more than any other group on the continent. This underpins our promise to address and promote biosafety awareness and maintenance across Africa.

Our commitment to enhance biosafety skills and expertise in Africa:
Lasec® is committed to spreading biosafety skills and expertise to all biomedical engineers in Africa. We offer regular biosafety validation training programmes at our Johannesburg and Cape Town service facilities. Lasec® is also able to offer the programmes in your country of choice.

Congratulations to our biosafety service engineers Grant Allen, Franco Joubert and Stephen Smith on their achievement of this stringent US-based NSF 49 (International standard) accreditation!

Allow us to share our knowledge and expertise gained in NSF accreditation with you. Are you interested in learning more about our team and biosafety training programmes? Send a message to

- Carla Jacobs, Product Manager - Instruments