The new CLARIOstar Plus high-performance multi-mode reader wowed attendees of the 2019 Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening conference (SLAS 2019) with SelectScience editors recognising it as one of the top most exciting technologies on the exhibition floor.

What is it about the new CLARIOstar Plus microplate reader that has the scientific world calling it “game-changing technology”?

  1. Patented LVF MonochromatorsTM
    Combining the sensitivity of filters and the flexibility of monochromators, the CLARIOstar Plus guarantees the best performance in any assay using the following detection technologies:
    • LVF Monochromators – flexibility and sensitive in fluorescence intensity and flash/glow luminescence
    • Filters – sensitivity in all fluorescence and luminescence-based detection modes
    • Spectrometer – fastest UV/vis absorbance spectra
  2. Enhanced Dynamic Range
    Enhanced dynamic range (EDR) technology and rapid, full-plate autofocus ensure that every sample on your plate is automatically measured with the ideal settings without any action prior to the start of the measurement.  This means that new users will be able to easily get started, while experienced users will get better data, more quickly.
  3. Far-red fluorescent detection performance
    Users who need the very best performance in far-red fluorescent detection will benefit from a red-shifted PMT that comes standard to ensure flexibility without compromise.
  4. Workflow tracking and data security
    With FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11 software compliance, the CLARIOstar Plus is ideal for pharmaceutical analysis as well as accountability to the highest level of industry-standard log-keeping and traceability.

Flexibility combined with the best sensitivity of its class, make the CLARIOstar Plus multi-mode plate reader the ideal reader for your laboratory.

Which of the features highlighted as new for the CLARIOstar Plus would be potential game-changers for you in your lab work? Tell us here.

- Charl Marais, Product Manager - Instruments