Fire safety, prevention of explosions and protection against toxic vapours should be top-of-mind for anyone working with chemicals or hazardous materials in the workplace.

Here are 5 ways Lasec® can help to keep you safe:

  • Flammable Storage Cabinet: Compliant to SABS standard SANS54470-1:2017 as well as EN14470-1 means that these flammable cabinets offer maximum fire safety. It takes more than 90 minutes of exposure to a fire before the temperature inside rises to dangerous levels that could cause ignition of flammables, ensuring enough time for evacuation.
  • Chemical Storage Cabinet: For safe storage of acids and alkalis offering optimal safety for the storage of non-flammable, aggressive hazardous materials.
  • Fume Hoods: Actively shielding operators from inhaling toxic vapours while handling chemicals and dramatically reducing the risk of fire and explosion.
  • Explosion Proof Equipment: Certified ATEX equipment including vacuum pumps, balances and scales as well as fridges and freezers suitable for use in explosive environments.
  • Health and Safety Training: CPD- accredited experimental lectures on the topic of ‘Hazardous Materials: Knowing and Avoiding the Risks’.

Our team of highly trained experts can assist with assessment of risks associated with chemicals and recommend solutions to improve your workplace safety.

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- Kylie Davis, Portfolio Manager - Instruments