Biological Safety Cabinet, Class II, Type A2, 4FT, NU-543-400S

Biological Safety Cabinet, Class II, Type A2, 4FT, NU-543-400S

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  • Model: NU-543-400S
  • Nominal Width Feet (Meters): 4 ft. (1.2m)
  • Access Opening Glass Type: Safety Glass
  • Armrest: Plastic
  • Main Filter: HEPA, 99.995% @ 0.025UM
  • Exhaust Filter: 11 1/2-inch (292 mm), HEPA, 99.995% @ 0.025UM
  • Lighting: Fluorescent
  • Main Cabinet Wrap: Seam Welded Stainless Steel Side and Back Wall Construction
  • Motor(s): 3/4 HP DC ECM
  • Supply Filter: 3-inch (76mm) 99.995% Efficiency @ MPPS
  • Work Access Opening(s): 10-inch (254 mm)
  • Work Zone Wrap: Single Piece Stainless Steel Side and Back Wall Construction
  • Performance Standard: NSF-ANSI-49, EN-12469
  • Sound Pressure Level per ISO 4871: ≤ 56dba
  • Electrical Configuration: 230V5060Hz
  • Airflow Circulation: 70% Recirculating, 30% Exhaust 
  • Downflow Velocity: 0.3 M/S
  • Inflow Velocity: 0.5 M/S
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The LabGard® Air model NU-543 is listed by NSF as a Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet offering protection for Personnel, Product, and Environment. LabGard® Air can be either exhausted back into the room or connected to a facility HVAC system to minimize cross-contamination of low to moderate risk biologicals in the absence of volatile toxic chemicals.

Performance Features:

  • 30% exhausted / 70% recirculated
  • Dynamic air barrier of 105 fpm (0.53 m/s) inflow separating laboratory from work zone environment
  • True Laminar Unidirectional Down-flow air of 60 fpm (0.30 m/s) for minimal cross-contamination
  • 300% Filter Load Capacity (±10 Year Average depending on laboratory environment)

FlowGard - Electronic Control System utilizes intelliflow, a digital thermistor airflow probe in the exhaust airflow to analyze, monitor, and control downflow and inflow air.

Efficiency Features:

  • Ultra High-Efficiency ECM Eon™ Motor
  • Auto Filter Loading Compensation
  • Motor Speed Controller
  • Internal Exhaust Damper
  • nitecare Night Setback mode is initiated by the window closure, which will reduce motor/blower operational airflow to conserve energy while maintaining work zone sterility.

Superior Construction Features:

  • All welded stainless steel 16/18 GA, Type 304 pressure tight design
  • Removable Control Center
  • Removable Stainless Steel Coved Work Tray
  • Recessed and Removable Front Intake Grill
  • Stainless Steel Spill Trough with Drain Valve
  • Vibration Reducing Work Surface Support System
  • External Non-Glare 100 lm/ft2 Fluorescent Lighting

Safety Features:

  • Large HEPA Filters, 99.99% Efficiency Rating
  • Airflow / Window Alarms with ring back function
  • Security Password Protection
  • HEPEX Zero Leak Airflow System
  • Metal Diffuser over Supply HEPA Filter
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