NuAire Lab Equipment is the safer choice for Principal Investigators, Lab Managers, Pharmacy Directors, and Technicians in the biomedical/microbiological laboratory and compounding pharmacy. NuAire manufactures scientific laboratory equipment and compounding pharmacy airflow products, providing personnel, product, and environmental protection in critical research environments worldwide. With NuAire's inspiration, life science, drug discovery, pharmacy, and microbiology laboratory professionals have access to quality laboratory equipment.

Since 1971, NuAire has been committed to providing customers with the highest-quality and most dependable laboratory products on the market. They are universally recognized as one of the world's leading providers of reliable equipment for the most demanding environments. Their product range includes Biosafety Cabinets, CO2 Incubators, Laminar Air Flow Workstations, Containment Ventilated Enclosures, Ultralow Temperature Freezers, General Purpose Centrifuges, Animal Transfer Stations, Animal Refuse Workstations, Restricted Access Barrier Systems, Polypropylene Fume Hoods, Polypropylene Casework, and a variety of complementary products and systems.

Customers can depend on NuAire's products to feature brilliant yet practical design. NuAire pays keen attention to every step of the production process, from fabrication to assembly to thorough testing.


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