When Bio-Rad set out to design their next cell analyser, they asked their users what would make their work easier. Their responses directly resulted in the ZE5 Cell Analyzer.

Bio-Rad’s ZE5 Automated Cell Analyser is quite possibly the only flow cytometer you will ever need – here’s why:

  1. High-throughput production
    Get up-and-running fast and stay up-and-running with best-in-class onboard instrument fluidics and hot swappable sheath and waste tanks, as well as direct connection to laboratory deionised water and waste.

    With automated checks before each run, the instrument checks the entire detection path and alerts the user of any issues. This especially eliminates the possibility of misplaced filters and cuts troubleshooting time.
  2. Smart sample-handling
    Boasting ultimate flexibility in sample handling, the ZE5 Cell Analyzer has a universal loader that can handle any format of tube, plate or well, making it possible to switch from plates to tubes to tube racks, or even run a single tube, with no effort. Couple this with the built-in probe crash avoidance feature and you have an instrument that meets two of the top requirements of flow core users.
  3. Speed
    The Bio-Rad ZE5 Automated Cell Analyser is equipped with a high velocity flow cell which operates at twice the speed of other systems and analyses twice the amount of sample at any given concentration.
  4. Sensitivity
    State-of-the-art lasers and optics translate to an optical bench designed to give the highest resolution data. This is achieved through features such as shortest path to flow cell, with identical distance of each detector from flow cell and focusing lens as well as liquid cooled lasers to maintain optimal temperature for beam pointing stability.

Bio-Rad’s ZE5 Automated Cell Analyser is the only flow cytometer on the market with the ideal combination of throughput, sample-handling, speed and sensitivity to meet your needs for worry-free research. Take a Virtual Tour.

Would you like to see the Bio-Rad ZE5 in action at the 2 nd Cape Town Flow Cytometry Workshop with the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry? Contact us to find out how.

- Megan Kotzee, Biotechnology Division Manager