Greiner Bio-One International GmbH has a global presence spanning all five continents with production sites in various countries such as Germany, Austria and Thailand, with distribution partners all over the world, specialising in the development, production and distribution of high-quality plastic laboratory products. Greiner Bio-One is split into three divisions – Preanalytics, BioScience and Sterilisation. 

Focus on Greiner Bio-One Preanalytics Division


The development, manufacture and distribution of evacuated blood collection tubes as well as urine and saliva specimen collection systems form part of the VACUETTE® brand, with manufacture mainly taking place in Austria. Included in the CE certified VACUETTE® portfolio, you will find venous and capillary blood collection systems, sample collection sets and various accessories including drawing needles, tourniquets and sharps containers.

VACUETTE® system components are available in different types and sizes covering a wide field of applications.

  1. The broad range of evacuated blood tubes such as serum, separation, heparin, coagulation and EDTA will meet all your blood collection requirements dependant on the test you need to perform.
  2. Minicollect® capillary blood collection systems offer a safe way to collect a small amount of blood when venous collection is impossible. This range is perfectly suited to babies, young children and elderly patients.

  3. VACUETTE® system components are also widely used and trusted in the field of veterinary medicine.


The tourniquets, tube holders and multiple use drawing needle gauge sizes i.e. 21G or 22G can be carefully chosen to meet individual patients’ needs as blood collection sets are available with various tube lengths and different needle gauge sizes. These sets are also available pre-assembled with Luer adapters and tube holders.  Additionally, sharps containers come in a range of sizes to suit your safe, contamination-free disposal requirements.


Manufactured and distributed from Thailand, the Samplix® range combines CE certified quality and safety at an affordable price.  The range includes 11 variations of pre-dosed, predefined vacuum-controlled blood collection tubes for precise filling requirements. Read the article.

VACUETTE® and SAMPLIX® products from Greiner Bio-One are suited to the medical industry and trusted by private and public pathology laboratories, blood banks and universities around the world.

Are you a pathologist, technologist or medical professional needing an exceptional preanalytical solution in your practice? Visit Greiner representatives at the Lasec® stand at analytica Lab Africa.

- Rosalind Witte, Product Manager - Consumables