Sample integrity and management is the key to every biobank’s success. Cryopreservation of organic specimens at extremely low temperatures preserves valuable biological material and maintains sample integrity, while ensuring reproducible results during later analysis.

Sample degradation and contamination need to be completely prevented in stored cryopreserved samples. Poor sample management is an issue, often with hidden costs. Time, money, and valuable samples may be jeopardised should a laboratory’s sample management system be deficient.

Lasec combines expertise from Greiner Bio-One and Ziath for efficient, trustworthy bio-storage solutions. 

Greiner Bio-One offers 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of cryogenic tubes, and a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art solutions for large or small biorepository cryo-storage.

Ziath are specialists in sample management and sample tracking systems. Their 2D scanners are reliable and intuitive and can be found in biobanks and other sample tracking management systems around the world.

Greiner Cryo.s™ cryotubesGreiner cryotube with barcoding

Careful consideration is required when choosing a cryotube for your sample cryopreservation. A few key factors should be taken into account, such as thread placement, free standing or round bottomed cryotubes, and even cap colour if you are colour coding specific samples. Depending on the limitations of your application, it is essential to select a tube that meets these requirements. It is imperative to prevent inconsistent results, sample degradation or cross contamination, reducing costs of tube failure later in the workflow.

Barcoded cryovials can be an added benefit in your sample management program. Greiner Cryo.s™ offers both 2D Datamatrix as well as linear barcoded cryotubes to meet your requirements. You have the choice of unique, pre-coded ‘off the shelf’ tubes, but a customised barcoded service is also available. Barcodes are applied by state-of-the-art laser labelling technologies resulting in robust, resilient IDs.  The barcoded tubes can be incorporated into automated processing and storage systems which utilise tube tracking via machine readable IDs.

Linear barcoded cryotubes contain a laser printed barcode type 128 directly onto the side of the tube which can withstand the long-term cryogenic storage process, even in liquid nitrogen. The barcode is resistant to organic solvents such as 70% ethanol and 50% DMSO.

Free-standing cryotubes contain the additional durable and resilient 2D Datamatrix barcode at the bottom. The ECC200, 14 x 14 dot Datamatrix code with Reed-Solomon error correction is strongly resistant to mechanical, as well as chemical damage. All Datamatrix barcodes are quality tested for readability according to AIM guidelines for direct part marking.

In addition to the linear and 2D Datamatrix code, each tube contains the human-readable representation of the code which allows it to be deciphered without the use of a barcode scanner or reader, making these barcoded tubes extremely user-friendly.

We recommend Greiner Cryo.s™ cryotubes for your cryogenic applications as their range is diverse and suitable for storage in an ultra-low freezer and in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen.

  • Internal (with medical grade silicone gasket) or external thread
  • Free standing or round bottomed
  • Manufactured from Ultra-pure medical grade polypropylene without leachables
  • Free of DNase, RNase, human DNA and endotoxins.
  • Non-cytotoxic and contains no heavy metals
  • Suitable for use at a comprehensive range of temperatures (-196 °C to + 121 °C) as well as in the vapour phase of liquid nitrogen
  • CE-marked

Efficient storage of your Cryo.s™ with Datamatrix

Choosing a Datamatrix rack could not be made simpler. From Greiner, we offer a 48-way Datamatrix rack manufactured in SBS/ANSI standard format as well as an 81-way Datamatrix rack in the classic format of 133 x 133 mm. Both racks are offered with two lid types – low or high profile – which accommodates the different tube lengths. Datamatrix racks possess a scanning window underneath each tube position for the barcode reader to easily read the barcode at the bottom of the tube.

  • Made of shock-proof and temperature resistant polycarbonate
  • Choice between two lid types: low profile for 1 and 2 ml cryotubes; high profile for 4 and 5 ml cryotubes
  • Suitable for long-term freezer storage and in the gas phase of Liquid Nitrogen

Greiner Cryo.s™ Biobanking tubes

Greiner biobanking tubes

You may need an even smaller capacity biobanking tube for your biorepository and we have the solution for you!
The Greiner Cryo.s™ Biobanking tubes come in 3 different working volumes: 235 µL, 580 µL and 975 µL. These biobanking tubes are available sterile or non-sterile and can be procured either racked or bulk-packed. There are many different cap colours to suit your colour coordinated storage. The racked option of these biobanking tubes comes in SBS/ANSI standard format and are the perfect solution for your space-efficient storage facility.

This new tube was designed for space-saving with a height reduced screw cap to save up to 30% of your freezer space! Again, you have the choice of unique, pre-coded ‘off the shelf’ tubes, but remember that a customised barcoded solution is also available. 2D Datamatrix barcodes are applied to the bottom of the Greiner Cryo.s™ Biobanking tubes using advanced laser labelling technologies.

  • Internally threaded with a medical grade silicone gasket
  • Manufactured from Ultra-pure medical grade polypropylene without leachables
  • Free of DNase, RNase, human DNA and endotoxins.
  • Non-cytotoxic and contains no heavy metals
  • Suitable for use at a comprehensive range of temperatures (-196 °C to + 121 °C) as well as in the vapour phase of liquid nitrogen
  • CE-marked
  • Ultra-sharp, resilient and robust 2D Datamatrix code
  • Tube wall thickness of 0.8 mm minimises sample evaporation during long-term storage.
  • Space saving height reduced screw cap saving up to 30% freezer space
  • Available in automation friendly SBS/ANSI formatted 96-way racks
Cryo.s 8-channel hand-held biobanking tube decapper

Greiner decapper

De-cap and re-cap a row of your Greiner Cryo.s™ biobanking tubes effortlessly. With its ergonomic design, this handheld, cordless instrument contains 8 individual motors that can each open and close one tube with maximum precision, allowing 8 tubes to conveniently be opened and closed at the same time. An internal microchip controls the torque accurately and overtightening as well as inadequate closure of the tubes are completely prevented.

Datamatrix barcode scanners – Sample tracking and management solution

Scan your 2D Datamatrix tubes with intuitive, reliable scanners from Ziath. These scanners have an incredibly fast decoding time along with intelligent software. Ziath’s Cryoprotection™ feature is a unique coating on the scanning window which prevents fogging and condensation build up from the cold rack on the warm instrument. This ensures uninterrupted scanning. A 1D rack barcode reader can be fitted to all Ziath scanners which allows the barcode on the side of the rack to be read simultaneously.

  • Ziath-mirage-scannerMirage rack scanner is Ziath’s latest camera-based creation. It is their most compact 2D rack scanner on the market. Its low profile allows for easy incorporation into robotic liquid handling systems. This clever design with its unique scanning technology scans all commonly uses SBS format racks. It is simple, and easy to use with its out of the box setup along with pre-calibration.
  • Ziath’s single tube scanner is compatible with all 2D Datamatrix coded tubes on the market. Scanning only 1 tube at a time in less than 1 second per tube, this scanner is powered solely by a USB connection directly to your computer. Easily configured, the added functionality of the ‘keyboard wedge’ setting enables the user to enter the barcode data directly into their application software. Similar to the Mirage scanner, this single tube scanner offers easy, out of the box setup and is delivered pre- calibrated.

  • Ziath-handheld-scannerThe Ziath handheld 2D barcode scanner is a fully portable barcode reader for single tubes allowing for your sample management while in the field. It provides 8 hours of operation without the need for battery recharge. Customisable options meet the needs of specific field sites. This small wireless instrument can store data of up to 60 000 samples.
Ziath Samples software – Sample tracking program

“Samples” software is a laboratory sample management tool from Ziath designed to organise and completely streamline and manage your sample inventory. With its many added intuitive features, the storage and searching of samples and their respective information is made simple.
  • Existing legacy sample inventories can be combined with new sample inventories, seamlessly integrating ‘old’ with the ‘new’ in the same database. Individual sample information may also be added to the database manually using the intuitive user interface.
  • Sample parameters can be edited, and the software configured and customised to individual sites and storage facilities. Software can be tailored by Ziath’s software programmers to meet individual end users’ needs and fulfil their exact requirements.
  • Sample audit trails ensure sample movements and tracking is kept on record. Samples are ‘checked in’ or ‘checked out’ whenever they are removed from storage facilities. Information is archived and retained even if a sample has been permanently deleted or removed from the sample management system.

Used in combination, the Greiner barcoded cryotubes, handheld decapper, Ziath’s datamatrix barcode scanners and Samples software and tracking program can help you to run a successful biorepository.

Do you need to make tracking your stored samples simpler? Talk to us about your current sample management programmes and let us help to make your life easier.

- Rosalind Witte, Product Manager - Consumables