Students learn best when they are engaged and learning in an interactive setting.  ADInstruments is partnering with Lasec® to introduce you to new software that can do this for your life science students.

Lt LabStation is software with a trendy look, used in conjunction with data acquisition hardware to make conducting your life science experiments a breeze. It combines content in an application created to deliver an interactive, media-rich and comprehensive lab experience that is curriculum based. The information is offered as a collection of lessons with pre-lab exercises and content background, as well as lab experiments and reporting.

The subject collections are available in:

  • Human Physiology
  • Animal Physiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Biochemistry/ General Biology
  • Neuroscience
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Psychophysiology

The new Lt Labstation software is an upgrade of the tried and tested ADI software, LabTutor which was mainly dependent on a central server. With Lt Labstation, students can do their experiments offline and authoring can be done on any computer with internet connectivity.

Even if you are a current LabTutor user, you have the option of converting to Lt Labstation by purchasing the software only and using it with your existing hardware. If you decide not to upgrade your Labtutor, you will be able to continue using it for your experiments, but you will have limited access to updated material and content.

The Lt Labstation software is purchased as a once-off 5-year subscription for each workstation. Once the 5-year term expires a renewal fee must be paid for ongoing access to updates and upgrades, content, online authoring and technical support. If the subscription is not renewed, the software will continue to work but you will not have access to updated material.

Benefits of using Lt LabStation for your laboratory experiments

  • Authoring – Easy and accessible authoring for educators through any supported browsers. The drag-and-drop feature allows you to create content that is in line with your specified curriculum. As a lecturer you can customise your lessons as lectures, presentations, tutorials, lab experiments, assessments or exams.
  • No need for a central server - Users with internet connectivity have access to automatic updates and customizable lab lessons. The experiments are not authored from a central server.
  • PowerLab Data Acquisition – Students can record and analyse live physiological data in real-time using the PowerLab hardware unit
  • Interface icons – You have access to multiple choice questions, table questions, mix and match panels for student interaction, video and audio add-ons and a report at the end of each experiment.

Students learn best when they are actively engaged, which is why Lt LabStation is the ideal software program to combine with your teaching systems to run your life sciences labs smoothly.

Let us show you how Lt LabStation works with a live interactive demonstration. And talk to us about how you can convert your current LabTutor software to the new Lt LabStation.

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- Neo Matshailwe, Application Specialist - Instruments