Benchtop Multi-Parameter Spectrophotometer, XD 7000 (VIS)

Benchtop Multi-Parameter Spectrophotometer, XD 7000 (VIS)

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Reagents are not included.

Benchtop multi-parameter VIS spectrophotometer

Pre-programmed with over 150 water testing methods

Automatic method selection via internal and external barcode scanner

Automatic cell recognition

Wavelength range: 320 - 1100 nm

Industry: Chemical Industry, Food and Beverage Industry, Industries Others, Marine Industry, Municipalities, NGO, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical Industry, Power and Energy

Applications: Boiler Water, Cooling Water, Disinfection Control, Drinking Water Treatment, Galvanization, Pool Water Control, Pool Water Treatment, Raw Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment

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The state-of-the-art XD 7000 from Lovibond simplifies water analysis. Featuring an internal barcode reader for automatic method detection, the XD 7000 spectrophotometer is the ideal instrument for any water lab. 

  • Latest technology
  • Premium optical system with reference beam
  • Automatic test recognition with internal barcode reader 
  • Automatic cuvette type detection
  • Support of analytical quality assurance
  • Built-in security levels
  • Interfaces for data processing

Reagents are offered separately.

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Brand Lovibond® Tintometer Group.
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