Radwag AS 310.X2.PLUS-Series Analytical Balance

Radwag AS 310.X2.PLUS-Series Analytical Balance

  • Maximum capacity [Max]: 310 g
  • Readability [d]: 0.1 mg
  • Features: Ergonomic Mechanical Design, Colour Touch Screen, USB at the Balance Front, SMARTLab
  • Functions: Autotest, Dosing, Percent Weighing, Parts counting, Peak hold, Formulation, Statistics, Checkweighing, IR sensors, Under-pan weighing, GLP Procedures, Animal weighing, Density determination, Ambient conditions monitoring, Replaceable unit, Statistical Quality Control, ALIBI Memory, Mass for titrator, Wi-Fi®
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Balance of the AS X2 PLUS seriesis an advanced analytical weighing device of the SYNERGY LAB line. The AS X2 PLUS is exceptional due to a range of modern constructional and system solutions that guarantee reliability, precision, and accuracy of measurement and make everyday operation easy.

Ergonomic Mechanical Design

The latest AS X2 PLUS analytical balance features a spacious weighing chamber, and the open-door clearance facilitates easy access to the weighing pan. With this, it is possible to use laboratory glassware of various sizes. A new aluminium base is a guarantee for weighing system stability. The Dual-CLICK system allows tool-free assembly and disassembly of the weighing chamber, and a special design of guides for weighing chamber panes (no rims) makes keeping the device clean convenient. Innovative construction solutions increase balance durability and reliability in long-term operation.

Colour Touch Screen

The latest generation touch panel with a 5” diagonal stands for comfort of operation, even when you have laboratory gloves on. The AS X2 PLUS analytical balances guarantee simple and intuitive communication due to its wide selection of widgets. The widgets can be freely configured in accordance with user needs. Screen customization favours access to information and results directly from the home screen. The user can configure a complete set of buttons and assign it to a particular operation mode. Information and text fields can also be defined.

AS X2 PLUS analytical balances Colour Touch Screen

LevelSENSING System

The in-built sensors measure tilt and display a graphic message on the weighing device screen. In accordance with GLP and GMP, the LevelSENSING system simplifies the adjustment, ensures ongoing control of the level, and informs about deviations. Internal Adjustment: A modernized internal adjustment system guarantees accurate indications in extremely unfavourable conditions.


AS X2 PLUS balances are equipped with a SMARTLab system with extensive functionality. It ensures support and supervision over the mass measurement process and reduces the hazard of error caused by the so-called "human factor”.


The information system of the AS X2 PLUS balances is based on seven databases that enable the operation of many users with numerous products. All the stored data can be subjected to analysis. Weighing data is recorded in seven databases:

  • Operators (max 100 entries),
  • Products (max 5 000 entries),
  • Weighings (max 50 000 entries),
  • Packaging (max 100 entries)
  • Formulations (max 100 entries),
  • Customers (max 1000 entries),
  • ALIBI memory (max 512 000 weighings).

Additionally, it is possible to create formulation reports (max 500 reports).

Communication Interfaces

The functionality of AS X2 PLUS balances can be expanded using the following communication interfaces: USB-A, USB-B, RS 232, DB9 tara/print, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi®. The additional USB port located on the front of the balance enables easy and fast communication with the USB flash drive; it is possible to connect additional devices via this port too. AS PLUS balances are equipped with a Kensington Lock, which allows you to secure the device against theft.

Metrological parameters
Maximum capacity [Max]310 g
Minimum load10 mg
Readability [d]0.1 mg
Verification unit [e]1 mg
Tare range-310 g
Standard repeatability [5% Max]0.07 mg
Standard repeatability [Max]0.1 mg
Standard minimum weight (USP)140 mg
Standard minimum weight (U=1%, k=2)14 mg
Permissible repeatability [5% Max]0.12 mg
Permissible repeatability [Max]0.15 mg
Linearity±0.2 mg
Stabilization time2.5 s
Adjustmentinternal (automatic)
Physical parameters
Leveling systemsemi-automatic - LevelSENSING
Display5” graphic color touchscreen
Protection classIP 43
Delivery componentsBalance, weighing pan, weighing pan shield, bottom cover, power supply.
Weighing chamber dimensions190×190×222 mm
Weighing pan dimensionsø100 mm
Packaging dimensions490×400×520 mm
Net weight7.3 kg
Gross weight9.3 kg
Communication interface
Database capacity7
Communication interfaceRS232, 2×USB-A (interchangeable), USB-B, Wi-Fi®, Ethernet
Features of use
Touch-free operation2 IR Sensors
Electrical parameters
Power supplyAdapter: 100 – 240V AC 50/60Hz 0.6A; 12V DC 1.2A; Balance: 12 – 15V DC 0.8A max
Power consumption max.4 W
Environmental conditions
Operating temperature+10 — +40 °C
Ambient conditions monitoringTHBR 2.0 System, THBR BOX, THB P, THB W, THB S
Relative humidity40% — 80%
Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance®.

Repeatability is expressed as a standard deviation from 10 cycles of mass standard weighing.
Stabilization time depends on the ambient conditions and the dynamics of weighing pan loading; specified for FAST profile.

1 Barcode scanners, available as weighing instrument accessory, communicate with the instrument via RS232 interface exclusively.

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