GILSON Pipetman G Multichannel Pipette - P8x300G

Manufacturer: Gilson

Pipette Range: Pipetman G

Model: P8x300G

Volume Range: 20 to 300 µL

Accuracy (Systematic Error): ± 8.0 µL

Precision (Random Error): ≤ 3.0 µL

Pipette type: Manual Air Displacement

Volume Setting: Variable

Number of channels per pipette: 8 Channels

Tip Ejectors: Metal

Autoclavable: No

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PIPETMAN® G  brings a new level of comfort into Gilson range with a redesigned piston mechanism that reduces the force needed to aspirate and dispense liquids. PIPETMAN G maintains the trusted durability, accuracy, and reliability of the original PIPETMAN pipettes with comfort.

Pipetting Comfort
PIPETMAN G offers one of the lowest pipetting forces commercially available. With a redesigned piston assembly system and high quality piston grease, PIPETMAN G guarantees hours of comfortable pipetting.

Reliable Results
PIPETMAN G relies on the legendary accuracy, precision, and reliability of PIPETMAN with improved pipetting comfort.

Built-to-Last and Convenient
Made of PVDF and stainless steel, PIPETMAN G offers premium durability.

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