CL-40L Laboratory Autoclave with Baskets and Rapid Cooling Function, 105L

Chamber (usable inner size): ф400×H832mm

Capacity: 105L

Usable max.temperature: 137°C

Usable max.pressure: 0.25MPa

Usable temperature: Sterilization: 100~137°C; Dissolving: 40~99°C; Warming: 40~60°C

Usable time: Sterilization. Dissolving: 0min.~48hrs. 00min. and continuous. Warming: 0min.~48hrs.00min

Controller: Microprocessor controller; graphic display; Temperature: 3digits. PID control; Timer: 2digits hours : 2digits minutes. down count; (Temperature/Time integration system)

Operation pattern: A: Heating->Sterilization->Exhaust(adjustable); B: Heating->Sterilization->Exhaust(adjustable)->Warming; C: Dissolving->Warming

Air exhaust device: Temperature (99°C, adjustable) sensing time (3min, adjustable) control & solenoid valve (Timed free steaming system)

Exhaust cooling system: Water storage tank with cooling coil & exhaust drain receiver bottle

Drain valve: Manual valve at the inner side of exhaust bottle

Safety devices: Interlock system, Electromechanical lock system, Double-check system of lid close, Overpressure detector, Over temperature detector, Water lack preventer, Sensor break indicator, Abnormal time indicator, Memory of power failure, Safety valve, Breaker for slight leakage, over current & short circuit.

Safety valve operation: 0.27MPa

Water test pressure: 0.54MPa

Outer dimension/weight: W620XD650XH1160mm/84kg

Power demand: AC220/230V/240V,1 phase, 50/60Hz, 4.4kW, 20A

Wire basket/quantity: ф380X400mmx2pcs.

Standard accessories: Exhaust bottle & chamber drain tray

Installation and SANS347 verification codes quoted separately

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A top-loading laboratory autoclave with a one-action safety interlock lid.

One-action safety interlock lid - Simply slide the lock lever one action to close the lid securely.

Safety comes first - At the end of the cycle, the lid will not be released until the temperature has reached safe prescribed levels.

Three operation modes as standard - In addition to the "Sterilization" pattern, "Sterilization/Warming" and "Dissolving/ Warming" patterns as standard. Possible for liquid sterilization depending on the setting.

Suppresses odor while operation - The incorporated water cooling device cools the discharged steam internally to turn it into water droplets, so it does not raise the humidity of the surrounding environment and suppresses odors during processing.

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Product Name CL-40L Laboratory Autoclave with Baskets and Rapid Cooling Function, 105L
Tip Filter Non-Filtered
Sterility Non-Sterile
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