ALP Co. Ltd.

ALP Co. Ltd.

ALP Co., Ltd. Japan is a reputable manufacturer of high-quality science and medical equipment. The company develops, produces, and markets high-quality scientific and laboratory equipment, as well as pharmaceutical equipment. With a reputation for reliability, progress, and precision in the laboratory, ALP Co., Ltd. offers a diverse range of instruments including autoclaves, clean ovens, and more. These instruments have been utilized in various industries such as industrial, educational, food and beverage, water and wastewater, pharmaceutical, and biomedical laboratories for over a decade.

With a well-established presence in the Japanese market, ALP Co., Ltd. appoints distributors worldwide. Throughout its 47-year history, laboratory professionals have consistently relied on ALP Co., Ltd. for exceptional customer support and cutting-edge tools for diagnostic laboratories. The company's commitment to innovative solutions for common laboratory problems remains the core mission of Advanced Instruments.



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