Polypropylene Encased Heating Mantle, 500ml

Polypropylene Encased Heating Mantle, 500ml


Maximum element temperature of 450°C

Operation: Heating only mantle

Capacity: 500ml

Dimensions: 310 x 238 x 145mm

Net Weight: 1.25kg

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The Heating Mantle EM0500/CE has a polypropylene outer casing that has excellent chemical resistance and is lightweight and easy to clean. It is equipped with a unique airflow within the mantle to prevent the outer casing from getting hot. The maximum element temperature reaches 450°C, with grounded stainless steel earth screen for added safety and thermally insulated heater cartridge for maximum heat transfer to the flask. The unit itself has non-skid feet for stability.

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Brand Cole-Parmer
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