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3mL UTM™ Medium in 16x100mm Tube without Swab

UTM® tubes in bulk

Pack Size: PK 300

Unit of Measure (UOM): 50 tubes per shelf pack - 6 x 50 tubes per box

Tube Size: 16x100mm

Product Description: Conical tube filled with 3mL UTM™ medium

Stable at room temperature for 18 months

Glass beads in the tube - release sample from the swab

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3 mL of UTM medium in 16x100 mm size screw-cap tube with internal shaped conical bottom. Each tube contains three 3mm glass beads. Sterile.

Copan's Universal Transport Medium® (UTM®) system is intended for the collection, transport, and long-term freeze storage of clinical specimens containing Viruses, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, and Ureaplasma. The transport medium comes in a plastic, screw cap tube and maintains organism viability for 48 hours at room or refrigerated temperature.


  • Room temperature storage, stable
  • Rapid release and dispersion of patient sample material and virus particles during vortexing due to three glass beads in each tube.
  • Unique media formulation includes antibiotics to inhibit bacteria and fungal flora in patient samples
  • Safe and reliable molded breakpoint
  • Safe, shatterproof, stand-up tubes with distinctive internal conical shape enabling centrifugation of samples
  • Cost efficient large 3mL media fill volume allows for multiple tests on the same specimen
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Product Name 3mL UTM™ Medium in 16x100mm Tube without Swab
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