GILSON Pipetman G 3-pipette Starter Kit

Manufacturer: Gilson

Pipette Range: Pipetman G

Models: P20G, P200G and P1000G

Volume Range: 2 to 1000 µL

Pipette type: Manual Air Displacement

Volume Setting: Variable

Number of channels per pipette: Single Channel

Tip Ejectors: Metal + Plastic

Autoclavable: Partially (Tip Holder, Tip Ejector and Connecting nut)


  • 3 Single Pipette Holders
  • 3 Plastic Tip Ejectors
  • 3 Comfort Handles
  • 2 Tip Boxes
  • 1 Guide to Pipetting
  • 1 Two Minute Inspection guide

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PIPETMAN® G Starter Kit bundles three of the most commonly used pipettes; a P20G, P200G, and P1000G covering volume transfers from 2 µl to 1 mL. With a redesigned piston assembly, the PIPETMAN G Pipettes feature extremely low pipetting forces, improving comfort and minimizing injury, while maintaining the durability, accuracy, and reliability of the original PIPETMAN pipettes.

Premium Pipetting Comfort

With a new seal and lighter springs, the new piston assembly of PIPETMAN G Pipettes significantly reduces the force needed to aspirate and dispense liquids. This benefit is especially helpful during extended pipetting sessions and alleviates common hand stresses caused by repetitive actions.


PIPETMAN G Pipettes come with a durable stainless steel tip ejector, which is ideal for most situations. Plastic tip ejectors are available separately and are recommended for working with corrosive substances.

Everything You Need to Start

Each PIPETMAN G Starter Kit includes:

  • Three PIPETMAN G pipettes: P20G, P200G, and P1000G
  • Two racks of PIPETMAN DIAMOND tips (D200 and D1000)
  • Three SINGLE™ Pipette Holders
  • Three plastic tip ejectors
  • The Gilson Guide to Pipetting
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