Labwater 2 with Hose and Gun

Labwater 2 with Hose and Gun


Technical Specification

Max. feed pressure (bar): 0.5 – 5

Max. feed flow rate (l/hr): 60

Output capacity, litres

@ 50 mg/l tds* (soft): 1280

@ 200 mg/l tds* (medium-hard): 320

@ 300 mg/l tds* (hard): 212

pH: Neutral

Conductivity: 10 – 1µS/cm

*tds = total dissolved solids


Width (mm): 80

Depth (mm):100

Height (mm): 760

Installation requirements

Feed water: Potable

Maximum TDS (ppm): 1000

Feed water temperature: 1 – 35oC

Availability:On Request

A simple, cost-effective method of producing 10-1µ purified water at low volumes.

The Labwater units incorporate an easily replaceable cartridge, containing specifically designed resin, which changes colour through absorption of ionic contaminants, facilitating a low level of maintenance. On colour change from blue to brown, replace the cartridge.

The units are typically wall-mounted and are easily connected via a dedicated hose to a tap or stopcock and operate directly from water pressure thus requiring no external electrical supply.

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Brand Purite
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