Manufacturer: Gilson

Pipette Range: Pipetman L

Number of Channels: Single Channel

Pipette Type: Manual Air Displacement

Model: P10L

Volume Range: 0.5 - 10 µL

Accuracy (Systematic Error) [Min - Max]: ± 0.025 - 0.100 µL

Precision (Random Error)[Min - Max]: ≤ 0.012 - 0.040 µL

Volume Setting: Variable

Tip Ejector: Plastic

Autoclavable: Fully Autoclavable


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The PIPETMAN® L features a newly designed body for enhanced comfort and a state-of-the-art volume-locking mechanism for precision. The air-displacement-based PIPETMAN L is available in eight single channel models covering a volume range of 0.2 µL to 10 mL and ten multichannel models covering a volume range of 0.5 to 1200 µL.

Optimized Comfort

The PIPETMAN L offers an ideal weight and handle shape, making them the most ergonomic pipettes in the Gilson portfolio. The natural fit of the pipette allows for a relaxed grip, ensuring less fatigue while pipetting. To decrease the risk of repetitive strain injuries, the PIPETMAN L features an improved piston assembly, thereby reducing pipetting forces. The tip ejector is also adjustable for both right- or left-handed users.

Optimized Safety and Precision

The PIPETMAN L offers a true volume-locking mechanism to guarantee no accidental volume change during pipetting cycles. The patented locking system fully disconnects the operating rod from the counter assembly, ensuring the volume cannot be accidentally changed and thereby preventing accidental volume drift during pipetting tasks. To help minimize cross-contamination, the PIPETMAN L is fully autoclavable with no disassembly required for maximum convenience.

Optimized Traceability

The PIPETMAN L features a 2D identification bar code for easy traceability of; the product part number, date of manufacturing and serial number. Using a universal scanner, the pipette information can be downloaded to a spreadsheet or other software for tracking, which is particularly suited for enhanced GLP compliance. The PIPETMAN L also has a color-coded push button corresponding in color to Gilson PIPETMAN Tip packages for easy identification of suitable tips.

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