GILSON Distriman Repeater Pipette

GILSON Distriman Repeater Pipette


Manufacturer: Gilson

Pipette Range: DISTRIMAN

Number of Channels: Single Channel

Pipette Type: Positive Displacement Repeater Pipette

Model: Distriman

Volume Ranges (Aliquots): 1-12.5 µL, 10-125 µL and 0.1-1.25 mL

Volume Ranges (Tip volumes): 125 µL, 1250 µL and 12.5 mL

Volume Setting: Variable

Used with: Distritips/Syringe tips


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DISTRIMAN® is a positive-displacement, continuously adjustable, repetitive pipette with direct read out designed to simplify multiple dispensing when used with DISTRITIPS® syringes. With DISTRIMAN, you can dispense the exact volume required for any protocol, even fractional volumes. It is ideal for repetitive dispensing in clinical, hospital, biological, chemical, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and forensics labs.

Simplify Multiple Dispensing

Dispense exact volumes without tedious calculations. No tables to read, no conversions to make, just set the volume and dispense. Volumes are displayed clearly in microliters or milliliters on the digital read out.

Pipet with Accuracy and Precision

Dispense the exact volume required for any analysis protocol and achieve optimal pipetting results even with volatile or viscous liquids. There is no risk of accidental conversion errors with the direct read out. As with all Gilson pipettes, DISTRIMAN delivers precise and reliable performance.

Save Time and Money

DISTRIMAN covers a large range of aliquot volumes from 1 µL to 1.25 mL using only three DISTRITIPS syringes making it economical. More than 100 aliquots can be dispensed with each syringe, eliminating time-consuming refills.

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