ZEALWAY Instrument Inc. is a globally recognised specialist manufacturer of sterilisation equipment. With the belief that scientific and technological progress will benefit mankind, deep understanding of the sterilisation equipment field, and commitment to technological innovation, they have been providing safe, efficient and convenient sterilisation solutions to researchers and professionals for more than 20 years.

With nearly 100 patented technologies and software copyrights, ZEALWAY produces the most advanced autoclaves. Having cooperated with renowned specialists and institutions for years, ZEALWAY is able to assist users in solving complex tasks. They have continuously worked to improve their products and ensure user satisfaction with their autoclaves. All ZEALWAY autoclaves comply with stringent requirements and excel in the global market. ZEALWAY manufactures high-quality autoclaves in their ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified factory, conducting rigorous inspections of every single part. Utilising quality parts from reliable suppliers and using leading techniques, ZEALWAY's autoclaves provide efficient sterilisation and improve user safety.

Website: www.zealway.us

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  1. GR Series Autoclave, 60L
    GR Series Autoclave, 60L
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