Our portfolio includes a wide range of instrumentation, backed by technical expertise, to ensure optimal performance and accuracy to international standards.

Lasec® experience, buying power and strong relationships with manufacturers bring first-world technology to the end-user cost-effectively.

Our instrumentation is backed by a team of product managers, application specialists and service engineers who provide practical expertise to ensure you have the right equipment for the right procedure and are using it correctly for optimal results. In addition, we offer CPD accredited training and workshops across a broad range of topics, including but not limited to hazardous material storage; correct use of pipettes and water saving solutions.

Our instrument range includes solutions for the following:

  1. Airflow Products

    Airflow products are used in a wide variety of processes in the laboratory. We offer a range of products for user protection from biohazardous material, chemical vapours as well as product and process protection from cross-contamination.

  2. Balances and Scales

    An extensive range of laboratory balances, industrial scales and moisture analyzers catering for both specialised and routine mass measurements.

  3. Chemical Storage

    Safety cabinets for the safe storage of hazardous materials in the workplace.

  4. Chemistry

    From evaporation techniques to chemical analyses, Lasec® has the perfect solution for chemistry-related applications.

  5. Electrochemistry

    Comprehensive rangeof portable and benchtop instrumentation ideal for a variety of pH, Conductivity and Titration requirements.

  6. Environmental Analysis

    Plant, soil and meteorological instrumentation geared towards the agricultural and plant science research.

  7. Liquid Handling

    Comprehensive portfolio of automated and manual liquid handling instruments for all liquid transfer requirements.

  8. Materials Testing

    Viscometers and Rheometers to cover applications ranging from simple viscosity determination to complex rheological investigations.

  9. Microbiology

    Innovative products to automate colony counting and inhibition zone measurement.

  10. Microscopy

    Optical light microscopes and accessories for industrial, pharmaceutical, life science and medical science applications. Includes cameras for training or documentation purposes.

  11. Photometry

    The Lasec® photometry range provides the ideal solution for water analysis, colour determination, and routine spectral analysis of samples.

  12. Physiology

    Record and analyze physiological signals from human and animal subjects using a range of data acquisition and analysis products.

  13. Pumps

    Peristaltic and vacuum pumps to meet various laboratory applications.

  14. Quality Control

    Quality control apparatus for packaging used in the beverage, agro-food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.

  15. Sample Preparation

    Sample preparation instrumentation to suit applications from sample separation to stirring, dispersion and agitation applications.

  16. Sterility

    Equipment options for steam and dry heat sterilisation.

  17. Temperature

    We offer equipment for various temperature-related applications including stress tests, climate simulation, incubating, drying, heating and chilling. From basic solutions to FDA approved options with excellent uniformity, accuracy and data recording capabilities.

  18. Water Purification

    Water purification systems to meet water quality requirements of most laboratory applications.