An extensive stock-holding ensures the availability of essential consumables for everyday applications. We offer a wide selection of laboratory consumables, from affordable disposable pipettes, beakers, funnels and petri dishes to glassware suitable for calibrated volumetric measurements. Regardless of your budget and application we have the right products to suit your needs.

Our consumable range includes the following solutions:

  1. Bioscience Plastics

    A comprehensive range of RNase and DNase free products such as PCR tubes, PCR plates, immunology plates, Petri dishes, centrifuge tubes and tissue culture consumables. Filter and non-filter tips are available in bulk or racked from world leading manufacturers.

  2. Cryogenics

    High-grade polypropylene cryotubes together with an assortment of accessory boxes and racks for storing biological samples at ultra-low temperatures. Biobanking solutions for space-efficient storage. Products are free of detectable DNase and RNase, certified non-pyrogenic and non-cytotoxic.

  3. Filtration

    We supply filter solutions for analytical chemistry and microbiology testing in pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries and environmental monitoring. Filter papers, membranes, syringe filters and a wide range of manual or automated filtrations systems.

  4. General Glassware

    An all-inclusive glassware range for every day laboratory applications. Quality flasks, desiccators, funnels, beakers, condensers, burettes, adapters and extensions, mortars and weighing boats.

  5. General Plasticware

    Popular, high usage items for all laboratory and field applications. Durable range of certified containers and vessels of all shapes and sizes. Bags, bottles, measuring cylinders and filter funnels.

  6. Glass Bottles

    A variety of glass bottles are included in our range of laboratory glassware consumables. Autoclavable media bottles are complete with screw caps and pouring rings. Dreschel, dropping, McCartney, reagent, specific gravity and weighing bottles in various types and sizes.

  7. Hardware

    General consumable equipment used during routine laboratory practices. This includes products used for cleaning, organising and dispensing. Brushes, Bunsen burners, spatulas and scoops, thermometers, timers, racks and tape.

  8. Microbiology

    Complete range of microbiology consumables to suit your application. We supply ISO compliant dehydrated media, supplements and petrifilm manufactured by industry leaders. Affordable, high quality Petri dishes and loops are readily available for routine microbial culturing.

  9. Microscopy

    Extensive variety of consumables for simple, compound, optical and electron microscopy, focusing on pathological and biological applications. Counting chambers, coverslips, microscope slides, fixative spray and immersion oil.

  10. Preanalytics

    The Lasec® preanalytics division consist of products for the collection and processing of blood, saliva, and urine. This range includes sample collection kits, blood collection tubes, needles, tourniquets and other accessories.

  11. Safety

    Personnel protection is of utmost importance. Secure your team and your laboratory with bench protection, gloves, coats, eyewash stations and goggles.

  12. Sample Collection

    Sample collection swabs and devices for collecting, preserving and transporting samples for further analysis in the laboratory. These include swabs, containers, as well as complete sample collection kits for biological and environmental samples.

  13. Volumetric Glassware

    Your precision and accuracy are guaranteed while using our A grade certified volumetric glassware. Volumetric flasks, measuring cylinders, pipettes, burettes meeting both ISO and ASTM standards. Accessible certification of conformance and product literature.