ZeptoMetrix® is the industry leader for innovative solutions to challenges in the evolving Diagnostic Microbiology Infectious Disease and Oncology market. Their reputation for product quality, reliability, and trusted technical knowledge provides assurance that enables the industry to develop and advance diagnostics technologies. From assay development to launch, their scientific and operational teams provide customers with comprehensive, performance-oriented and cost-effective Diagnostic Microbiology products and services that positively impact the field of clinical diagnostics and its contribution to global healthcare.

ZeptoMetrix® manufactures and provides an extensive range of quality controls and verification panels for Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) and serological and antigen-based assays. Products that are treated with their exclusive, patented NATtrol™ process represent industry-leading choices for NAT, creating the benchmark for external quality controls and verification materials found within the diagnostic testing industry. NATtrol products originate from highly purified microorganisms which are processed to alter surface proteins, resulting in products that are in an optimal state for research and testing: with intact nucleic acids, these products are non-infectious, refrigerator stable, and work with a wide variety of PCR-based assay systems. NATtrol products serve as the optimal proficiency testing option as they permit total cycle evaluation in NAT, from DNA extraction to amplification and detection.

Today, ZeptoMetrix® is a renowned contributor to the global Infectious Disease Diagnostics industry, recognized for developing and manufacturing a growing portfolio of reagents and kits, such as ELISAs, HIV p24 antigen, select antibodies, Western Blots, a vast array of panels configured for validation/verification/proficiency assessment, and both molecular and serological controls that support research and QC efforts throughout diagnostic assay development and commercialization.

Website: www.zeptometrix.com

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