WLD-TEC GmbH is a globally renowned expert company specializing in safety laboratory gas burners and electrical annealing systems. With twenty years of international experience, they have become a recognized provider of spot heating systems for laboratory and industrial applications worldwide. They offer a wide range of stationary and mobile gas burners designed to meet both standard and specific requirements. Moreover, in recent years, they have introduced innovative electrical annealing systems that operate without an open flame.

By utilizing only high-quality and tested individual components, WLD-TEC GmbH ensures the highest quality and long service life for its product series. The company's products are highly robust and deliver long-lasting performance in laboratory and industry environments. They are designed with stainless steel housings, incorporating maximum safety features and offering comprehensive optional accessories. The demand for safe gas burner solutions, particularly in the microbiological, gene, and bioengineering markets, is constantly increasing. WLD-TEC GmbH has established one of the world's most successful laboratory burner series with its innovative Gasprofi-, Flame 100-, and Fuego series.

Website: www.wld-tec.com

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