Based in St. Jean (Toulouse), France, Tesalys is a French manufacturer of equipment for the treatment of infectious waste on site. They design, manufacture, and market innovative solutions for shredding and sterilization of infectious waste for hospitals, medical centers, laboratories, or any other healthcare waste facilities.

The Tesalys STERIPLUSTM shredder-sterilizer system simply transforms biohazardous waste into harmless and unrecognizable waste, which can then be disposed of along with ordinary waste.

Tesalys, a dynamic and innovative company, has already made its name across the world through the ingenuity of its patented technology, which is available in more than ninety countries.

The inactivation and disposal of infectious waste are not easy: it implies risks for the environment and people. Also, the costs for collection, transportation, and incineration are very high (the producer is responsible for the disposal of their waste until its complete destruction). This process must comply with various procedures and regulations.

Faced with all these restrictions, Tesalys offers innovative solutions to process infectious healthcare waste by changing its appearance, reducing its volume and weight, and minimizing the associated risks and disposal costs.

Infectious Biomedical Waste Includes:

  • Plastic or glass consumables: Petri dishes, test tubes, collection tubes, pipettes, etc.
  • Single-use material: surgical drapes, gauzes, compresses, bandages, etc.
  • Personal protection equipment: gloves, gowns, tapes, coveralls, goggles, masks, caps, shoe covers, etc.
  • Contaminated sharps: needles, syringes, scalpels, lancets, blades, slides, etc.
  • Single-use care kits, plastic or small metal instruments.
  • Single-use surgical instruments.
  • Hemodialysis waste: hemodialysis filters, circuits, etc.
  • Liquid biohazardous waste or waste containing fluids: blood bags, urine bags, culture media, etc.
  • Waste from R&D on medical devices—Destruction of prototypes—Protection of intellectual property.
  • Anatomical waste, animal carcasses, and derived products (according to local regulations).


Website: www.tesalys.fr


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