Seward has been manufacturing Stomacher® paddle blenders for nearly 50 years. Seward and their range of Stomacher® blenders, bags and accessories have been the gold standard in microbiology sample preparation around the world.

50 years on, and Seward remains at the forefront of sample preparation across a range of fields and applications. In 2016, Seward became part of the FermionX group of companies. The Seward Stomacher® 400 Circulator, EVO, and 3500 Jumbo are the only tools for companies serious about food safety, biome research, and large industrial testing. In bioscience, the Stomacher® 80 Biomaster and microBiomaster 80 are proving invaluable in safe and efficient small sample processing. The Stomacher® 4500 has established itself as the instrument of choice for preparing samples for the new pathogen test protocols requiring jumbo size samples.

Seward continues to innovate and challenge preconceptions in the field of sample preparation.


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  1. Seward Stomacher® Evo Lab System Bundle