Paul Marienfeld

Paul Marienfeld

Paul Marienfeld produce and distribute a wide range of laboratory glass- and plasticware as well as accessories and instruments for use in laboratories. The company's comprehensive range of quality laboratory glassware like microscope slides, cover glass, counting chambers, capillary tubes, laboratory containers, and volumetric glassware has made their name and their brand renowned internationally. Many products made of plastics and porcelain for the general laboratory work complement their range of laboratory glassware.

The brand Marienfeld Superior has become a synonym for quality and reliability. Their experience of more than 100 years in developing and producing laboratory glassware will be your success, too.

Paul Marienfeld's quality management is certified by DEKRA Certification Services acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. A quality control that accompanies the entire production process and stringent final checks ensure that their customers only receive items of the highest quality.


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