Minerva Biolabs

Minerva Biolabs

Minerva Biolabs is a leading biotechnology company that specializes in the development and marketing of detection and elimination kits for microbial contamination control. The company's core competence is in controlling mycoplasmas, bacteria, and viruses in cell cultures and biopharmaceuticals. In addition, Minerva Biolabs offers specialized PCR kits and reagents for screening germs and undeclared meat in drinking water and food, as well as quality assurance of halal and vegan products. The company's product portfolio also includes products for qualifying PCR cyclers and removing DNA contaminations in the PCR laboratory.

Website: minerva-biolabs.com

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  1. PCR Clean™ Wipes, 50 Wipes in a Dispenser Box
  2. PCR Clean™ Spray, 250ml