Harvard Bioscience, Inc.

Harvard Bioscience, Inc.

For over 120 years, Harvard Bioscience, Inc. has been innovating new technologies that help academic research labs, pharmaceutical and biotech organizations, and CROs develop tomorrow's life-changing medications. When one chooses a Harvard Bioscience brand, they are choosing a partnership with a global network of brands known for quality, cutting-edge technologies, and interoperable solutions designed to help them make amazing advancements.

The demand for research tools, devices, and systems that improve efficiency, increase productivity, and enable drug discovery is growing, and Harvard Bioscience's multi-faceted product offering is uniquely positioned to address that need across the entire preclinical research spectrum.

From cellular and molecular solutions, to organoid research innovations, to toxicology and safety pharmacology testing, and all the way to bioprocessing, Harvard Bioscience offers products one has never seen before that work together in ways that will help them meet their goals faster and more efficiently.

Website: harvardbioscience.com


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