CellaVision - RAL Diagnostics

CellaVision - RAL Diagnostics

CellaVision/RAL Diagnostics is a manufacturer of biological dyes for the fields of human and animal health, scientific research, medical diagnostics, and industry. These colorants are available as liquids or ready-to-use kits. Many industries, including pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, trust CellaVision/RAL Diagnostics for the supply of their raw materials.

CellaVision has acquired RAL Diagnostics and joined forces with the brand. RAL Diagnostics is a well-established brand known for its high-quality solutions in staining and sample preparation. This acquisition enables CellaVision to provide a comprehensive and integrated solution for hematology laboratories.

Their automated workflows encompass blood and body fluid samples from both humans and animals in laboratories of all sizes. With CellaVision, healthcare professionals can take a leap into the future of healthcare.

Website: www.cellavision.com

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