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Ultrapure Water Purification System

Produces dual quality water: Reverse Osmosis and Ultrapure water

Reverse Osmosis water flow rate: 15L per hour

Ultrapure water flow rate: 2L/minute from pressurised internal tank


Ultrapure water quality:

Resistivity: 18.2 MegOhm.cm

TOC: < 3ppb

Bacteria: <0.1cfu/ml

Particles: <1/ml

Endotoxins: <0.001 Eu/ml

RNases: < 0.01ng/ml

DNases: <4pg/ul


Reverse Osmosis water quality:

Ion rejection rate: 97%-99%

Organic rejection rate: > 99%, when MW >200 Dalton

Particles and bacteria rejection rate: > 99%


Standard configuration: Main body includes 1 set of cartridges and a 15L pressure tan

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The HHitech Master- S water purification system produces single stage reverse osmosis water and ultrapure water from a municipal water supply. The single stage reverse osmosis water ion rejection rates is more than 97% and the ultrapure water resistivity reaches 18.2MegaOhm.cm

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