CLG-40LDVP Laboratory Autoclave with Baskets and Vacuum Pump Drying Function, 105L

Model: CLG-40LDVP; Pre-vacuum~Vacuum drying

Chamber(Usable inner dia. x depth): ф400x832mm

Capacity (Liters): 105L

Operating temperature: Sterilization: 100~137°C; Dissolution: 40~99°C; Warming: 40~60°C

Maximum operating pressure: 0.25MPa

Sterilization/Dissolution/Warm time: Sterilization/Dissolution: 0min.~48hrs. 00min.(& continuous), Warming: 0min.~48hrs.00min.

Air exhaust system: Gravity substitution: Pulse air purge by temp. & press. sensing, or timed free steam (Time: adjustable), selectable

Operation language: English

Memorized programs: 15(16···DVP) programs available by operation pattern and data

Vacuum Pump: Water sealed vacuum pump

Pre-vacuum: Triple pulse vacuum system

Vacuum drying: Alternate operation of vacuum and suction, or continuous vacuum operation

Heating method: Electrically heated chamber outside

Drying temperature range: 60 to 150°C

Drying time: 0min.~100hrs.00min.

Suction air filter: 0.2µm micro cartridge filter

Start timer: Able to set operation-start by calendar ··· month, day, hour, and minute.

Drain valve: Automatic valve & manual valve

Auto. water supply: Automatic water supply system from city-water-faucet by level sensor & controller

Pre-heat system: To shorten the come-up time, 40 ~ 75°C. Provided only with auto. water supply

Exhaust air filter: PTFE membrane filter (Bore 0.2µm) in stainless housing on the front outer panel

Safety devices: 0.270MPa

Hydrostatic test: 0.499MPa

Pressure gauge: - 0.1~0.6MPa

Pressure sensor: -0.1~0.5MPa

Material of chamber: SUS304 Stainless steel

Material of enclosure: Steel with melamin resin/Heat-resistant plastic

Power requirement: AC220/ 230 / 240V , Single phase, 50 / 60Hz

Current rating: 21A

Heat output: 4.0/4.1/4.3kW

Outer dimensions (WXDXH)/Weight: 620 X760 x 1160mm/133kg

Stainless wire basket: ф380X400MM

Standard accessories: Drain hose & water supply hose

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A premium, high-performance steam-sterilizer autoclave with a cycle similar to the steam-flush pressure-pulse (SFPP), which removes air from the load rapidly by repeatedly alternating a steam flush and a pressure pulse above atmospheric pressure, for sterilizing challenging loads. It has an interactive liquid crystal display, a double interlock system, conversation style operation on the LCD screen with multi-functions (one-touch switching between the detailed and enlarged screen), and more safety. For Laboratory use.


  • Lid Interlock
  • Upward Opening Lid
  • Electro-Mechanical Lock
  • LCD Display of Conversation style
  • Precise Combined Control by Temperature and Pressure for Saturated Steam
  • Front-loading Exhaust Bottle (for CLG models)
  • Cooling Fan as standard
  • Warming & Dissolving of Culture Medium
  • Start-Timer by Calendar
  • Temperature Sensor Entry Port as standard
  • Pre-Vacuum(-DVP models)
  • Vacuum Drying(-DVP models)
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Product Name CLG-40LDVP Laboratory Autoclave with Baskets and Vacuum Pump Drying Function, 105L
Tip Filter Non-Filtered
Sterility Non-Sterile
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