280ml XS Basic Conductivity Solution, 1,3 μS/cm

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XS Basic Conductivity Standard Solution

Package: 280ml (glass bottle)

Value μS/cm (20°C / 25°C): 1,3

Accuracy: ± 0.1 μS/cm

NIST Certified

Code: 51100503

Download Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
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In most laboratories and processes, determining pH, conductivity, and redox potential is a standard procedure. For quality control, measurement precision and reliability are crucial. The XS Solution range is tailored to your requirements and ensures precise calibration.

“The calibration of the measuring system is one of the most important factors. To ensure a high measuring accuracy one must follow the correct calibration procedure, use new and accurate buffer solutions, and wait long enough for stable indication values of the electrode assembly to be calibrated. No measurement can be more accurate than its calibration accuracy” (International of basic and General Terms in Metrology). If you have a good electrode, but you don’t calibrate it with buffer solutions with good metrological traceability, you can’t obtain reliable results.

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Product Name 280ml XS Basic Conductivity Solution, 1,3 μS/cm
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