Biological Safety Cabinet, Class II, Type A2, 3FT, HR900-IIA2

Model: HR900-IIA2

Working Voltage & Frequency(V/Hz): 220V 50Hz

Power (VA): 1400

Power of Blower(W): AC-L=330W,M=465W,H=735W

Airflow Circulation: 70% Downflow,30% Exhaust

Main Filter Typical Efficiency: ULPA ,U15,99.9995%@0.12um

Exhaust Filter Typical Efficiency: ULPA,U15,99.9995%@0.12um

Filter's Brand: AAF

Downflow Velocity(m/s): 0.33

Inflow Velocity(m/s): 0.55

Fluorescent Lamp Intensity (Lux): ≥900

Net/Gross Weight(approx.): 270/293 kg; 595.3/646 lbs

Interior Dimensions(WxDxH): 920x620x650 mm; 36.2x24.4x25.6 in

Exterior Dimensions(WxDxH): 1080x845x2160 mm; 42.5x33.3x85.0 in

Packing Dimensions(WxDxH): 1145x920x1690 mm; 45.1x36.2x66.5 in

Supporter: 680-900mm adjustable height

Container load (20'/40'/40'H): 12/24/24

Alarm: Sound and Flash

Certificate: CFDA, CE, EN12469

Includes: A base stand and UV lamp

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Main Applications

Professional partial air purification equipment is suitable for cell biology, microbiology, biomedicine, biosafety, and other related laboratories. It provides the most basic protection and isolation equipment for biosafety.

V-shaped air inlet

The V-shaped air inlet can prevent the samples or arms of the operator from blocking the airflow The handle is used for lifting the workbench and cleaning the liquid collected in the tank conveniently

Drop-down front window

Remove the hand rest, drop down the front window to clean the upper edge off the glass conveniently, without leaving any blind spots.

Patented Technology: UV Lamp One-touch application

The UV Lamp can be pre-set to automate on/off sterilization and remember the user's settings and habits, it is set by pressing one button, reducing downtime for the user.

Patented Technology: Waterproof Receptacle Timing

The receptacle can be set by using a microcomputer to supply power at a specified time, to satisfy the user's demands for the timing of the experiment.

Universal Casters with Built-in Threaded Supporting Legs

The under-frame is designed with universal casters for moving the cabinet conveniently, and the built-in threaded supporting legs can prevent the propagation of bacteria.

Ultra-Low Penetration Air System (ULPA) Filter (U15)

  • The ULPA filter is made from moisture-proof and fireproof glass with a typical efficiency of up to 99.9995% when filtering 0.12µm solid particles, fully meeting the cleanliness requirements of USA FED STD 209E Grade 1 (or ISO 14644-1 Grade 3).
  • The ULPA filter can supply vertical airflow to the workbench, preventing the samples from being contaminated.
  • The filter can be scanned from point by point to ensure high performance, reliability, and safety.

Maintenance-free fan system

  • Forward centrifugal fan with air inflow from both sides of the motor, reducing noise to a very low level
  • Self-cooling, low energy consumption enhances reliability
  • Optimal balance between air supply and energy consumption
  • Stable airflow for the safety cabinet by controlling the precise voltage of the fan

Abnormal operation condition alarm

Audible and visual alarms in the form of voice or text will be present when the air turbulence level exceeds 20%, and door height (high or low) or work area temperature exceeds limits.

Patented technology: UV lamp end-of-life reminder

The microcomputer will track the usage time of the UV lamp and will warn the user to replace the UV lamp when its remaining life is less than 10%.

Patented technology: filter end-of-life reminder

The pressure transducer monitors the resistance variations to determine the remaining life of the filter and will warn the user when the remaining life is below 10%.

Interlocking feature to ensure high safety and reliability

Patented technology: UV lamp interlocking control

UV lamp, front window, fan, and interior light are interlocked to prevent any leakage of UV rays or micro-organisms


Digital display of operating parameters

The LCD screen displays in real-time operating parameters such as digital display of downflow, inflow, exhaust volume, working area temperature, remaining life of the filter, UV lamp plus negative pressure and positive pressure.

Key component failure alarm

Audible and visual alarms will be given in case of any failures in the airflow velocity sensor, pressure sensor, temperature sensor, microcomputer board, or airflow valve, indicating the position of failure in voice or text.


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