Radwag MA 50.X2.A-Series Moisture Analyser

Weighing range: 10mg to 50g

Readability: 0.001g (1mg) | 0.001%

Moisture Heating Element: Infrared Emitter (IR) Max.

Temperature: 160 degrees Celcius

Calibration: External Pan size: 90mm (Diameter)

Display: 5” Full colour touchscreen

Communication interfaces: 2x RS232, 2x USB-A, USB-B, WiFi and Ethernet

Power Supply: 230V Power

Consumption: 6 W (during weighing) and max 450 W (during drying)

Dimensions: 338x206x197mm Net weight: 5.2 kg

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The MA X2.A-series moisture analysers are hi-tech measuring instruments intended for quick determination of relative moisture content (% M), dry mass content (% D) and other parameters in samples of different substances. The MA X2.A-series features a user-friendly colour touchscreen. Free configuration of the control panel can be done by means of hotkeys, customizable information fields and programmable labels using widgets. The MA X2.A-series is equipped with an innovative system whereby the drying chamber can be opened and closed automatically using buttons or the built-in infrared (IR) proximity sensors. Such solutions allow:

  • Maintaining a clean moisture analyser – the operator does not touch the moisture analyzer’s housing.
  • Removing any shocks caused by manual closing of the chamber – the chamber closes automatically and always with the same intensity.
  • Enhanced drying process automation.
  • Enhanced safety of operation by eliminating contact with hot components of the drying chamber.
  • Improved operational ergonomics.



  • Various drying modes
  • Moisture content analysis (% M)
  • Dry mass determination (% D)


Collected data is registered in 6 databases:

  • Users (up to 10 users)
  • Products (up to 5000 products)
  • Customers (up to 100 customers)
  • Packaging's (up to 100 packaging's)
  • Drying programs (up to 200 drying programs)
  • Drying process reports (up to 5000 drying process reports)

USB interface ensures quick transfer and copying of any results of your work (measurements, reports, databases) to a computer or other moisture analyzer. Remote access to the moisture analyzer allows for online data management.

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