1. 10ml
    Serological Pipettes
    As low as ZAR953.10 ZAR828.78
    Out of stock
  2. Individually Wrapped Pasteur Pipettes
    Individually Wrapped Pasteur Pipettes
    ZAR797.93 ZAR693.85
    Out of stock
  3. Reagent Reservoirs
    Reagent Reservoirs
    As low as ZAR2,668.30 ZAR2,320.26
    Out of stock
  4. Wash Bottle - LDPE
    Wash Bottle - LDPE
    ZAR50.65 ZAR44.04
  5. Plastic Test Tubes
    Plastic Test Tubes
    ZAR410.55 ZAR357.00
  6. Plastic Stoppers
    Plastic Stoppers
    As low as ZAR144.84 ZAR125.95
  7. Disposable Pasteur Pipettes
    Disposable Pasteur Pipettes
    As low as ZAR104.21 ZAR90.62