We supply filter solutions for analytical chemistry and microbiology testing in pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries and environmental monitoring. Filter papers, membranes, syringe filters, and a wide range of manual or automated filtrations systems.
  1. Blotting Paper
    Blotting Paper
    Now Only ZAR303.60 ZAR264.00 Regular Price ZAR1,828.37
  2. Filter Membranes
    Filter Membranes
    Now Only ZAR883.20 ZAR768.00 Regular Price ZAR2,072.79
  3. Paper Weighing Tray
    Paper Weighing Tray
    Now Only ZAR1,628.40 ZAR1,416.00 Regular Price ZAR3,008.24
  4. General Purpose Filter Paper
    General Purpose Filter Paper
    As low as ZAR131.46 ZAR114.31
  5. Folded Filter Paper
    Folded Filter Paper
    ZAR832.72 ZAR724.10
  6. Creped Filter Paper
    Creped Filter Paper
    ZAR224.25 ZAR195.00
  7. Bench Cover - Surface Protection Paper
    Bench Cover - Surface Protection Paper
    ZAR2,519.80 ZAR2,191.13
    Out of stock
  8. Cellulose Thimbles
    Cellulose Thimbles
    ZAR1,839.03 ZAR1,599.16
  9. 0.2µm
    Cellulose Acetate Syringe Filters
    As low as ZAR1,120.68 ZAR974.50
  10. Binder-Free, Glass Microfiber Filters, 1.6 um
    Binder-Free, Glass Microfiber Filters, 1.6 um
    As low as ZAR636.99 ZAR553.90