Leucosep Tubes with Porous Barrier

Non-cytotoxic, non-pyrogenic

Unfilled for usage of different separation media

50ml: Sample volume: 15-30ml blood

12ml: Sample volume: 3-8ml blood

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Leucosep Tubes with Porous Barrier
As low as R17,894.83

Efficient spearation of lymphocytes and mononuclear cells from peripheral blood and bone marrow.


  • Enrichment directly from whole blood
  • Simplified filling through porous barrier (does away with the time-consuming and laborious overlaying of the sample material)
  • Rapid separation in 15 minutes at room temperature
  • No additional laboratory equipment required
  • Removal of erythrocytes and granulocytes
  • No recontamination with erythrocytes
  • No blocking of marker molecules

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P1TUB039Z-000012ST 12ml PK 500
P1TUB039Z-000050ST 50ml PK 300


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