1. Serological Pipettes
    Serological Pipettes
    As low as ZAR125.28 ZAR108.94
  2. 10ml
    Serological Pipettes
    As low as ZAR977.41 ZAR849.92
  3. Volumetric Pipettes
    Volumetric Pipettes
    As low as ZAR195.01 ZAR169.57
  4. 2ml - Green Cap
    Cryotubes - Internally Threaded - Free Standing
    As low as ZAR2,646.99 ZAR2,301.73
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  5. 10ml
    3M™ Swab Sampler with Letheen Broth
    As low as ZAR2,465.75 ZAR2,144.13
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